AO001 :: Notte In Ibiza 2015

AO001 :: Notte In Ibiza 2015

Label: Album Only

Release date: 2015-11-30

Catalog number: AO001

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Executive Producer: KNM-MUSIC
A&R: Maurizio Clemente & DJ Jacko

Selected and Arranged by Maurizio Clemente.
Continuous Mix by Francesco Mami aka DOS.

As a brand new label ‘Album Only’ is proud to present our very first compilation titled ‘Notte in Ibiza’! In the words of our cofounder, Maurizio Clemente, ‘This compilation was envisioned at my wife’s birthday party in a private villa in Ibiza. The party went on for the whole day, and we heard a lot of unreleased tracks that made a great impression on me and the people on the dancefloor. So much so that it convinced me to place all these tracks under one banner that we have called ‘Notte In Ibiza’ which in Italian means ‘A Night In Ibiza’.

These songs were selected among producers and DJ%u2019s from Ibiza as well as producers across Europe. ‘Notte In Ibiza’ features many new bombs by talented artists that are definitely worth listening to and playing in your DJ sets and are sure set the dancefloors on fire! Enjoy!

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