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TAGV001 – AAVV “The Alien Gate Stars”

A project by Maurizio Clemente and Glass Coffee. A crosscut from Deep House to Cinematic
and all that’s in the middle. A unique creative sound aiming to connect artists with something new to share.

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TAG007 – Demitros “Demogorgon”

theDemitros is a brazilian newcomer talent that shows us all his musicality in this 2 tracker EP.
Up here he brings us Demogorgon, which is a dark and atmospheric track inspired by his deepest thoughts about the confrontation between good and evil. Heavy synths and progressive melodies and harmonies are used to convey his obscured vision of music.
2 sides of his musical mind are shown as we listen to Cathedral Square, a more groovy and enlightened track with lots of acoustic instruments inspired by the sounds around his city?s cathedral square.

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Kay Silva ‘Come Get It EP’

Kay Silva
‘Come Get It EP’
The Alien Gate TAG005

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TAG004 :: Atlantis EP

Glass Coffee
Atlantis EP‘ (Incl. Mr. Rovat Remix)
The Alien Gate TAG004

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TAG003 .. Red Game EP

Executive Producer: The Alien Gate Rec
A&R: Glass Coffe, Maurizio Clemente

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TAG002 :: One Day In A Groove

‘One Day In A Groove’
TAG002 The Alien Gate

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