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FV029 :: Box To Box Ep

System Of Survival delivers their first ep on their own label. Ep is a mix of house music and Detroit techno influences with a pleasant sense of tradition and a decent portion of modern spirit

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FV028 :: Atomic World Clock EP

Edberg is a new way of experimenting music, strictly connected to deep roots of Detroit techno but also fascinated and inspired by Mittel & North European scene. Old school drums and modern synths floating together, past and future sounds combined with the love for the analog machines, give life to an essential and instictive techno.

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FV027 :: Downtown Madness Ep

Andrea Speed

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FV026 :: We Can Do It Ep

Nasty Boy

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FV025 :: Theories Run Through Reality Ep

This is a tale of a child full of dreams, a tale about his love for drums grew up til today, becoming a true complete symbiosis with only kind of music.
Roy is an eclectical artist focused on classic deep vibes, inspired by all the old classic scene of the late 80’s /early 90’s. He likes to use old vintage drums, keys & synths in his work, and try to recreate the atmosphere of the past and trasmit feelings through his music.
He was run on some labels in his career like Abstract Theory, Back And Forth, Blackrose Records, Pro-tez Records, Roots Underground and not least but a constant presence on Apparel Music, that currently take care of his booking

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FV024 :: Serbia Tour Ep

Metrica means style and musical experience of three artists: Mario DAquino, Lele Gruss Luigi Stupia. The purpose of our project is realize a creative experience, that doesnt show traces of competitive production and that through the music show our emotions and feelings, understanding by people who think music like a reflection moment also like a recreation one. We always try to create a new style inside that sounds become expression of our thoughts to start to new emotions freeing by common pattern. We decided to take up this trip together because we think that each individual and personal experience forces us to search in the music, for a long time, the better expression of our personality. Beforehand we say thank you to people meaning support and encourage us in the realization of our project.

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FV023 :: Monsters & Friends Ep

With an Italian and Portuguese upbringing but rooted in Spain, Lancaster is the pseudonym for Michele Tabucchi. A dj and producer, as eclectic as his background, who has been a part of the European underground music scene and collaborated with some of the greatest names in the electronic genre such as Davide Squillace and Alfa Romero. He has been a weekly resident at Macarena Club in Barcelona for 10 years and released tracks on Sci+Tech, Akbal Rec., Tenax Rec., Monique Musique, Saved. Michele’s music can be described as a sample of what good music should be about, with an array of sounds taking you on an unpretentious journey of house and its many thrills.

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FV022 :: Light In Your Room Ep

Growing up with Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk, in 2004 Francesco Belfie Belfiore fell in love with house and techno music.
At the same time he began playing vinyls; and producing aswell in the following year.
In 2007 Francesco meets Marco Toce, and they decide to start the project Belfie & Toche. The two guys released on OFF, Robsoul, Mixxrecords, and produced a lot of remixes for other labels aswell. In 2011 Belfie decides to end the partnership with Toche and start his personal project.
Hes starting an only-vinyl label with his friend/partner Alessandro Tordi (aka Truthj) called SAVE THE BLESSED; from 2013 Francesco is releasing productions also with his real name.
We can describe Francesco Belfiores sound with three words: deep, dark, dub.

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