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2K002 :: Vintage EP

1: Written, Produced and Arranged by Drive Red 5. Drive Red 5 are Mario Caminita & Roberto Masi. Guitar by Claudio La Barca.
2, 3, 4: Written, Produced and Arranged by Drive Red 5 (Mario Caminita & Roberto Masi).

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2K001 :: Crazy Man / Take Your Right

2 Kinky is a new label from Sicily in Italy. It could be defined as a hub for DJ’s and producers based there that would like to have more international exposure. The two masterminds behind 2 Kinky are sicilian DJ/ producers Mario Caminita and Roberto Masi. It was time to create their own label after almost two decades of Djing both nationally and internationally and after the worldwide success of their production groups like Blast and Drive Red 5. The label is dedicated to the most ‘contemporary house’ sounds, always committing to the highest quality possible.

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